Concert Calendar
January 23 Harpsichord Dedication Recital in Sarasota
February 6 Organ Recital at Stetson University
March 7 Organ Recital at Conservatoire Maurice Ravel, Levallois, France  
March 19, 20  Boston Baroque.
April 21, 22, 24 Boston Baroque
May 27 St. Cecilia Boston noon concert
June 11 Connecticut Early Music Festival Goldberg Variations
July 17 Organ Historical Society Convention
July 28 Religious Arts Festival, Lutheran Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina
August 7-14 Amherst Early Music Festival
October 23, 24 Boston Baroque
November 11  Gotham Early Music Scene Midtown Recital with Clea Galhano  
November 18  Portsmouth Athaeneum Memorial Recital
November 28              Organ Dedication Recital, Christ Congregational Church, Brockton
December 10, 11, 12 Boston Baroque Messiah
December 31/January 1 Boston Baroque New Year’s Eve/Day Concert
January 1 Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, First Night/First Day concerts with Boston Baroque
January 29 Southern Methodist University, Dallas Organ recital
March 14

Stepner/Jeppesen residence House concert


March 26

Christ Congregational Church, Brockton Organ recital

April 21, 23

Jordan Hall, Boston Boston Baroque

June 17-24

SFEMS workshop

July 9-15

Amherst Early Music Festival

January 1 Boston Baroque First Day Concert, Sanders Theatre, Cambridge

January 15-18

Amherst Winter Weekend Workshop, Rutgers University, Camden NJ

March 20

St. Mary’s Charlestown – Organ Opening Concert


April 9

Berkshire Bach Society – New Directions for Trumpet and Organ

April 15-16

Boston Baroque – Mozart’s Magic Flute in Jordan Hall

May 29

Acadiana Symphony

June 3

Berkeley EMF with ¡Sacabuche!

June 19-25

San Francisco Early Music Society Baroque Workshop

July 7-8-9

Aston Magna Festival

July 10-16

Amherst Early Music Fetival

August 18

Portland Chamber Music Festival

August 28

St. Joseph Oratoire, Montreal, all-Bach organ recital

September 3

Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cape Cod Recital with Phoebe Carrai, baroque cello

September 18

Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord Dedication of new Noack organ

October 4

Michigan State University Recital with Aldo Abreu, recorder, and Sarah Freiberg, baroque cello


October 9

Arizona Early Music Society, Tucson Concert with ¡Sacabuche!

October 21, 23

Jordan Hall, Boston Bach B minor Mass with Boston Baroque

October 25

Old West Church, Boston Benefit concert for Old West Organ Society


November 6

Unitarian Church, Providence Museum Concerts with Robert Mealy and Katy Roth

November 13

St. Mary’s Church, Charlestown Dedication recital of rebuilt Woodberry&Harris organ

November 15

Portsmouth Atheneum Harpsichord recital

December 9, 10

Jordan Hall, Boston Messiah with Boston Baroque

December 31

Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, First Night/First Day concerts with Boston Baroque


January 4-10

Aston Magna in Leipzig

January 18-20

Amherst Winter Weekend Workshop

February 27-28

Boston Baroque

March 24

Riverside Church NYC

April 24-25

Boston Baroque

June 21-27


June 30

OHS Convention, Holyoke MA – Planets

July 5-11

Amherst Early Music Festival

July 14

Wright Museum of WWII History

July 16, 17, 18

Aston Magna

August 2

Randolph Church, Randolph NH


September 11

Juilliard School, NYC

September 20

Old South Church, Boston

October 9

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville VA

October 23

Boston Baroque

November 8

Grace Church, Elmira NY

December 6

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

December 11, 12

Boston Baroque Messiah

December 31

Boston Baroque


February 14, 16

Boston Baroque in Jordan Hall

March 2

Lincoln Organ Showcase, Lincoln NE

March 14

Tannenberg Organ Recital, Salem, NC


March 29

Boston Clavichord Society C. P. E. Bach Concert

April 26-27

Boston Baroque

May 21


May 23

Bath Society of Friends


May 25

Dutch Clavichord Society

May 28

Pierre-Buffiere, France

June 1

Domaene Dahlem

June 2

Clinic of Dr. Koppel


June 7

Reims Clavichord Recital


June 8

Reims Organ Recital 

June 19-20-21

Aston Magna 

June 25, 26

Boston AGO

July 3-4-5

Aston Magna

August 21, 23

Portland Chamber Music Festival

October 4

Westfield CPE Bach Conference 

October 19

Ben Blanchet

November 23

Cambridge Concentus 

December 12-14

Boston Baroque Messiah

Dec 31/Jan 1

Boston Baroque


January 18-20

Amherst Winter Weekend Workshop

February 1, 3

Goldberg Variations, Los Angeles

February 15

Ithaca College
Clavichord Recital

February 17

Berkshire Bach Society
Organ Recital

Feburary 22

Assumption College Harpsichord Recital

March 8, 9

Boston Baroque in Jordan Hall

March 26

Memorial Church, Harvard
– Organ Recital

April 4

Chamber Music at Harvard Business School Chapel

April 7

First Parish UU, Norwell
Organ Recital

April 19, 20

Boston Baroque in Jordan Hall

April 27

Harpsichord Heaven at Flintwoods

April 28

Cambridge Concentus

June 14

BEMF Keyboard Day

June 20, 21, 22

Aston Magna

June 30-July 6

SFEMS Baroque Workshop

July 7-14

Amherst Early Music Festival
Director of Baroque Academy

August 22

Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival

September 7

JP Music Festival

September 29

Progressive Organ Recital, Woodstock, VT

October 3-7

Cambridge Society for Early Music

November 8

Methuen Memorial Music Hall
150th Anniversary Concert

December 13-14

Boston Baroque in Jordan Hall

Dec 31-Jan 1

Boston Baroque in Jordan Hall

March 4, 5 BB
March 17-21 CSEM Goldbergs
March 26 REBEL at Columbia University
April 14 Emmanuel Toccata/ Recorder sonata
May 6, 7 BB
May 14 Goldbergs at Music Sources, Berkeley, CA
May 21

Recital for the British Clavichord Society, Art Workers Guild

May 25

Recital at the Cobbe Collection, Hatchlands Park, Surrey

May 26 Recital at Fenton House, London
May 27 Recital at International Music Festival, Bath
May 29 Recital for Dutch Clavichord Society, Amsterdam
June 1 Recital at the shop of Renée Geoffrion, Pierre-Buffiére, France
June 17 Keyboard Day, Boston Early Music Festival
July 20 Pipe Organ Encounter recital, Methuen Memorial Music Hall
September 3

Big Moose Bach Festival    
Clavierübung III with Christa Rakich

September 8

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville VA
Organ recital

September 14

Longy Septemberfest         
Bach Goldberg Variations

September 18

Church of Christ at Dartmouth College, Hanover NH
Organ recital

October 16

Christ Church, Westerly RI           
Organ recital

October 23

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Brockton, MA
Organ recital

December 9

Boston Baroque
Handel’s “Messiah” in Jordan Hall

December 14

The Jameson Singers – Christmas Choral Concert
First Church in Cambridge

December 31
January 1, 3

Boston Baroque
First Night/First Day Concerts
Sanders Theatre, Cambridge


January 22, 4pm

First Religious Society, Newburyport, MA
Jean C. Wilson Concert Series
Solo harpsichord recital; “North German Transformations”


January 30, 8 pm

Tsai Performance Center, Boston University
Faculty recital: Aldo Abreu, recorder

May 11

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN
Organ Recital – Musica Organi

June 8-9

Aston Magna 40th Anniversary

June 13

Harvard Business School Chapel Organ Recital

June 26-30

SFEMS Baroque Workshop

July 8-14

Amherst Early Music Festival

August 2


October 19-20

Boston Baroque at Jordan Hall

November 11

First Lutheran Organ and Pedal Clavichord Recital

November 25

Independent Presbyterian Church, Birmingham AL
organ recital

November 20 and
December 1

Christmas on the Common
Harvard Glee Club and Radcliffe Choral Society

December 7-8

The Jameson Singers – Christmas Choral Concert
First Church in Cambridge

December 31-
January 1

Boston Baroque
First Night/First Day Concerts
Sanders Theatre, Cambridge

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